Collaborate to innovate, and change the world

You can, if you want, be an agent of change and transformation – doing your bit to make the world better. How?
By:You joining Innovating Cosmos, a global community of self-managing, hands-on innovators - working together to remake our cosmos – bit by bit.

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Welcome to Innovating Cosmos as one of 100 Foundation members.

As a member:

You both contribute and gain access to new ideas, new opportunities, a positive network of resources and support, free innovation-creating tools, processes and systems, sources of funds… in fact, every conceivable thing you need to innovate collaboratively.

Your dollar cost to be a member?

Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Your only obligations are to work collaboratively with other members to innovate – collaboratively - contributing your time, talent and existing resources. And to share the equity of each project with other members on a fair basis related to contribution and results achieved.

Our joint task:

To positively transform our cosmos - and make life better, fairer, more sustainable, and ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one nation at a time.”
More specifically, this means, as a community, over the next 18+ months, we initiate and seed, 5 stunning for profit opportunities, and 5 strong social impact projects.

Act now:

What is Innovating Cosmos?

Innovating Cosmos is a rapidly-growing, global network of entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators, tackling intractable problems facing our world today. We maintain that when individuals, teams or tribes get together to focus, collaborate, commit, and act, we change our world.

Why Innovating Cosmos?

Research clearly shows that start-ups, innovators and organizations flourish inside an innovating ecology. These ecologies can be cities like San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Melbourne and Sydney… They can be organizations like Apple, Google, Alibaba, Snap, Netflix, Kenzo and Spotify… They can also be mobs, tribes, groups or communities of like-minded individuals and organisations who — by collaborating, networking and resourcing globally — create a virtual and viral ecology.

Today there exist myriad social media outlets dedicated to networking, communicating, commenting, sharing photos, inviting to events, inviting others to join you for coffee… The need now is for dynamic social media outlets for innovators… for sites, and networks, where innovators, and would-be innovators, can find new opportunities and core information, meet like-minded people, engage, converse, exchange ideas and develop and resource their projects. And make things happen.

Catch up with the start-ups

Both on-line and off-line, there’s a wide range of information, support and resources for start-ups. But not for business, social, political, learning, and cultural innovators.

Innovators also need their own community of ideas, support, resources and funds.

Hence Innovating Cosmos.

Join Innovating Cosmos Today!

If you are an innovator, or would like to become one, consider this your open invitation to join Innovating Cosmos today.

Membership is free, but your obligation is actually to innovate. Collaboratively. We have a Core Team and a growing body of members to assist you with the rest.
For the next 18 months, membership is held strictly to 100 - to ensure we focus, act, and get great outcomes.

Membership Benefits

Meet brilliant, motivated innovators from around the world

  • Innovative Cosmos is a global community of inventors, entrepreneurs, artists and more. Our members are practical, committed - turning problems into opportunities in 12 initial areas. You’ll find a summary of these 12 opportunity areas, by clicking Opportunities Galore

Get access to world-class innovation research

  • Resources like e-books, podcasts, blog posts, YouTube videos, funding sources, whitepapers, discussion groups, special events, face-to-face meetings and more.

Find new opportunities, collaborators and funding sources

  • Looking for collaborators to help you with a new, innovative idea? Looking for new funding and other resources? Innovating Cosmos can help you find whatever you need.

Contribute to ground-breaking new projects

  • As a community of innovators, we share ideas and possibilities, then in small project-specific teams,we choose an issue-opportunity to work on, agree on the processes and models of innovating, marshal resources, plan our actions, and innovate!


Our members are all positive,practical, hands-on, entrepreneurs, inventors, social change agents, business people, and innovators from all fields of human endeavour – anyone, in fact, dedicated to making life better for all.
We opportunize the world’s big issues – either for profit, or as a social good, or both! And we share, collaborate, partner, joint venture, create co-operatives. Rather than go it alone!

Discover a source of ideas for you to turn into opportunities.

IdeaSpies- A hub for inspiration

IdeaSpies is the brain-child of Australian innovator, Lynn Wood, who gives herself the great name of Chief Idea Spy. Right now, you’ll find over 1,000 clever ideas, posted on the IdeaSpies.com web site. Learn More

Discover 12 Major opportunity areas for you to consider

Discover the 12 major opportunity areas the core team of Innovating Cosmos has identified for you to consider. Here they are…

Initiators and co-founders

Innovating Cosmos has been created by a small Core Team, and a Foundation Team of 100 members. The Initiators are Neville Christie and Tim Bos the Directors of venture bank, New Enterprise Services

Neville Christie is a pioneer in the Australian business community who works globally. Neville started his first business at 12 years of age, and since then he has:

  • created 44 small to medium-sized businesses of his own
  • mentored hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • helped entrepreneurs start and grow 2,000+ other businesses
  • chaired strategic innovation boards
  • been a venture capitalist and venture manager
  • chaired, or been a director of 200+ companies both in Australia and overseas

Now, a dynamic and youthful, 76 years young, Neville’s co-created Innovating Cosmos as a global community dedicated to collaboratively changing the world.

Tim Bos is a highly skilled and experienced technology innovator – with special expertise in vehicle telematics, car sharing, the sharing economy and blockchain.

As an innovator Tim has over 20 years’ experience working with start-ups and established enterprises including Avanade, Barclays Capital, GE Capital and Software Spectrum – always with a focus on technology.

In July 2004 Tim established his first start-up, bioWatch Australia where he built a software framework for tracking valuable assets around the globe. He sold the company to Procon MRM in the USA in 2008.

Most recently, in 2013, Tim co-founded Keaz,which he, with CEO Peter David, has developed intoa world -leading platform for sharing vehicles and assets globally. Increasingly Tim has also been working on blockchain-related opportunities. And on Innovating Cosmos.

Project opportunities

As a member of Innovating Cosmos, you can choose to contribute and gain from four types of projects:

  • opportunities created by others – where you gain ‘sweat equity’
  • opportunities you’ve thought up but want to keep close – here you can access community support and resources
  • opportunities you’ve dreamt up, and researched, and would like to get other members of Innovating Cosmos to assist you – in this case with support from the Core Team you create a working team
  • opportunities you’ve thought of, but want to “give away” so other members might work on them – here you manifest your desire to make the world better in a different way.

For each of these project opportunities, as appropriate, the Core Team of Innovating Cosmos helps you to:

  • develop the idea into an opportunity or invention and then an innovation
  • gather resources, talent, structure, models, and support
  • facilitate collaboration
  • commercialize the innovation into a social or profit “market”

How we work

In small teams, we share ideas and as many as 120 possibilities, then we choose one opportunity — big or small — to work on. With the team leader, we marshal resources, agree on our process and model of innovating, plan our actions and innovate!  Where needed, we gain guidance, input, resources and expertise from the wider Innovating Cosmos community – making contact first with the Core Team.

Join Innovating Cosmos!

We invite you to join Innovating Cosmos today.

Membership is free, but your obligation is to actually innovate. And share equity based on outcomes. We help you with the rest.