What is Innovating Cosmos?

Innovating Cosmos a dynamic, evolving and growing global community of hands-on self-managing innovators and would-be innovators.

Starting as a Core Team and 100 Foundation members, Innovating Cosmos was launched, on 29h September 2017 – after the Core Team spent five years testing, trailing, and validating:

  • that there is a huge and growing need for bands of innovators to innovate different things differently
  • that a small team of committed individuals can and will collaborate to innovate, for the greater good of all, and
  • that collaborative innovation can produce stunning outcomes.

Most of the 100 Foundation Members of Innovating Cosmos are individuals. Some are CEO-Founders of highly innovative companies and not-for-profits.

Foundation Membership is held at 100 until the beginning of 2019 – with the expectation some members will leave a handful of new members will join.

The Power of 10

Why keep to 100? Well, the Core Team has evidenced that one collaborating team can produce stunning outcomes. The Power of Collaboration. And the Power of One!

Now, we need to prove the Power of Multiplication – that from 100 members, we can form 10 teams, work on 10 BIG opportunities, and produce at least one that changes the world. The Power of Ten!

From there we can move to 1,000 members. And eventually 10,000 – which is critical mass! 1 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10. Not bad maths!

Who are our members?

Members are practical, committed, hands-on change agents, entrepreneurs and innovators who are prepared to opportunize the world’s big issues – either for profit, or as a social good, or both! And who share, collaborate, partner, joint venture, form co-operatives. Rather than go it alone!

Right now, members are starting to form self-managing teams of 3-7 members to work on 12 initial opportunity areas.

Why do this?

As individuals, opportunity-creating teams, and a community, the motivating vision of Innovating Cosmos is: to positively transform our cosmos - and make life better, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one community, one nation at a time.”

Relevance of our name

Innovating is an action word – meaning - bringing into existence new ideas, systems, strategies, business models, processes, software, smart machines, technologies, products, new ways of learning, thinking, acting, being and having, etc, etc – that have positive impact.

Importantly, ‘Cosmos’ means both ‘the universe seen as a well-ordered whole’… and ‘any coherent system of thought’. For, at Innovating Cosmos we’ve experienced that as we change our thinking – from: ‘It can’t be done’ – to: ‘we can do it!’ - we change our entire world.

What’s the cost of membership?

Your membership of Innovating Cosmo is free but entails three obligations:

    • you actually innovate collaboratively, with others
    • you share equity in each opportunity you’re involved in, fairly, and equitably based on results you all actually achieve, and
    • you, and other project members, only receive pre-agreed payments from cash flows generated by and from each individual project. [With social change projects you gain many ‘rewards’ but possibly no ‘payments’].

What do you gain?

As a member of Innovating Cosmos, you contribute and gain benefit from four different types of innovating projects:

      1. Opportunities created by others – where, by invitation, you gain equity.
      2. Opportunities you create but want to keep close – here you can call on the Core Team and Innovating Cosmos Foundation members, for resources and support.
      3. Opportunities you've dreamt up, and would like other members of Innovating Cosmos to assist you – here, aided by the Core Team, you create a team of your choosing from the Community, and your own network, and you all progressively share equity as you make the potential actual.
      4. Opportunities you've thought of, but because you want to make the world better, you are happy to 'give away' - so other members might work on them, without your involvement.

Support from the Core Team

For each of these, projects as appropriate, and as you request it, the Innovating Cosmos Core Team can work with you to:

        • create the needed ecology for the opportunity
        • develop the idea into an opportunity, a project, and a tangible piece of intellectual property or ‘invention’
        • gather the resources, talent, structure, models, support required to innovate
        • make it fun – innovating works better and faster, when it imaginative, fun, play, ‘a game’.  "Innovating is serious business, best it’s best treated light-heartedly as it’s the beginning of a new and better cosmos!"
        • work together so each innovation actually happens - collaboratively
        • commercialise the innovation into a social or profit ‘market’ – where that market can include the transforming of just one organisation or institution.

Resources you gain access to

Week by week, via the Innovating Cosmos web site, blog, podcasting channel, YouTube channel, and special events, as a memberyou can access on demand:

        • A growing portfolio of opportunities you can opt into
        • a range of models, processes, systems to speed up, and make either your ‘for-profit’ oryour social-community-organisational innovating more effective and more rewarding
        • a bank of fellow talented innovators, expertise, and resources - including finance – you need
        • leads to markets which are ready to test, and then use, your innovations.

How to make contact