Invitation to join Innovating Cosmos: Blog 0001

You are warmly invited by Neville Christie and Tim Bos to become one of 100 special foundation members of Innovating Cosmos.

Innovating Cosmos is a collective – of skilled multidisciplinary professionals who commit to innovating co-operatively.

Through membership, you will gain access to unique business and social impact opportunities, other innovative talent, special opportunity-creating events, and highly-usableinnovation content.

You have been invited either because some time ago you expressed interest – and at the time you indicated your clear intent to work to make the world better. Or you have been identified as being progressive in your particular field - by at least one other member of Innovating Cosmos.

Hit ACCEPT to take the next steps through the on-boarding process – or, alternatively, find out more about Innovating Cosmos here.

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