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“The only client of Innovating Cosmos is our chaotic, ever-changing world,” says Foundation Member, Tim Adalin.

Yeap, I know! It sounds far too idealistic and unrealistic. And even like a con trick. But, ride this blog to the end for just five minutes. Then make up your mind to run with the possibilities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or turn away.

Big fat, hairy, audacious goal projects

As a member of Innovating Cosmos, you are keen to create – collaboratively with others – one or more projects, that make our client, the world, ‘better, richer, fairer, more sustainable’ Let’s for the sake of dramatic appeal, call these possibilities $100+ million projects. Or, if you prefer, ‘Big, Fat, Hairy, Audacious Goal’ projects.

I want to show you how that could, and can, be possible – using our freshly-minted innovation opportunity road map – as you become a part-time revolutionary, and join with others to play an active part in the 4th industrial revolution! And you move from being one of Australia’s 2 million small business owners, to evolving into a big-minded collaborating innovator.

We start by getting your creative mind into gear, with….

Five questions for you

    1. How would you add $100 million value to Australia’s food supply chain?[Exports of processed and unprocessed Australian foods fluctuate from year to year, but exceed $10 billion. 70–84% of undamaged, edible tomatoes are left in the field because they do not meet retailers' expectations. American scientists have found that “spoiled and damaged tomatoes left over from harvest can be a particularly powerful source of energy when used in a biological or microbial electrochemical cell.” French supermarket, Intermarche sells and markets ‘Ugly Fruit and Vegies’ at a 30% discount. Posters feature: “the grotesque apple, the ridiculous potato, the hideous orange, the failed lemon, the disfigured eggplant, the ugly carrot, and the unfortunate clementine.” Check out Australian mangoes, bananas, oranges, strawberries as well. ]
    2. How would you treble the productivity and output value of three of Australia’s service industries?
    3. How would you go about creating, over ten years, another company like Atlassian - currently valued above $10 billion– that changes the world through innovation?[A high-tech company with $5-6 million EBIT, and a history of 20% growth per annum, which seems sustainable. Typically floats on the ASX at $ 100+ million market value – or a 20-30 times multiple].
    4. What new technologies - emerging from the 4th Industrial Revolution - are ideal for you to run with?
    5. What sort of new profitable social impact business, like Uber or AirBnB, could you build within the sharing economy, or the Internet of Things [IoT], based on artificial intelligence and emerging blockchain technologies?
      [It’s estimated we’ll see 8.4 billion ‘smart data’ IoT devices by 2020 – with most coming from consumer smart devices and appliances. Plus businesses ramping up adoption to improve workplace productivity and maximize industrial applications].

    All 5 of these questions are now projects of different teams of Innovating Cosmos. You can join with them. Or set up your own collaborative projects, answering the same questions. Or ask your own ‘big, fat, hairy, audacious’ questions – see below.

    Questions! Problems? Uncertainties? Feel free to contact:

Back to the 3rd industrial revolution

Wow! Some 37 years ago, the response of the 23 CEO's was electric!

It was 1980. And Australia was starting to embrace the 3rd industrial, or digital, revolution of personal computers, the internet, the world-wide-web and information and communications technology (ICT).

A week before I, Neville Christie, had installed a single-purpose Sigma Data Wordplexll word processor in our office. That next week I was running an innovation workshop with 23 CEO's from medium to large companies.

“I strongly recommend we all learn to type right now,” says I. “For within 2-3 years few of us will have a personal secretary. And all of will be doing our own typing.

Incredulity, rude words, and outright rejection followed. Call myself an innovator and an agent of change! How could I be so naïve, so stupid, so wrong!

The real revolution

Yet, today, can you find anyone who does not type day in, day out? The truth is every technological disruption requires diffusion time before it fully ‘takes’. And it requires that we shake up our mindsets, dismiss old learnings, adopt new learning, change our behaviour, re-orient our resources and capital, and initiate major shifts in the way we, and our organisations, institutions, communities and societies think about, and do things!

These changes are the real revolutions. Technology is the spark!

Third Industrial Revolution continues

What’s important for all of us innovators, is right now, the 3rd industrial revolution continues- with the Cloud, search engines, clever software, smart machines, digital products, nano-technology, new materials like carbon fiber, able-bodied robots, new processes like digital design and 3-dimensional printing, lean manufacturing, lean start-ups, customization, micro-finance, crowd-funding, and a large portfolio of web-based services, including technology - based and on-line interactive learning.

Massive opportunities in breaking down the silos

But…but…but… Another, 4th industrial revolution is also occurring – with its wide range of technological, economic, human, organisational and societal implications… And with innovations and opportunities pouring out from every pore, nook, cranny and new device…

Get on board as the train races away

You’re a Foundation member of Innovating Cosmos. And I strongly invite you, encourage you, cajole you, plead with you, to become an active participant in this 4th plus 3rd revolution. Why? Because – as our old ways and old world are progressively dying - together the two revolutions present awesome opportunities to make our lives, and the lives of all, immensely better, ‘richer’, fairer, and more sustainable. On a scale unimaginable before!

Through them, increasingly, scarcity is thrown out the window. And abundance becomes the new norm. While Old World investment advisors like Vern Gowdie write pessimistically about ‘The End of Australia”,we work collaboratively and optimistically to create the New!

The new cosmic innovating road map

First, we take on board what Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum has to say about the convergence of the 3rd Industrial Revolution with the 4th – which is now hitting, because…

It’s like nothing we’ve experienced before

“We stand on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before…The 4th Industrial Revolution… is characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, [psychological, human, industry, organisational] and biological spheres.”

See his full article: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means and how to respond.”

3,000 times the impact

Then, we absorb the findings of McKinsey consultants – who conduct research and consult to governments and larger organisations around the world. Smart brains!

“In the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, one new force changed everything. Today our world is undergoing an even more dramatic transition due to the confluence of four fundamental disruptive forces - any of which would rank among the greatest changes the global economy has ever seen.

“Compared with the Industrial Revolution, we estimate that this change is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale, or roughly 3,000 times the impact.

“Although we all know that these disruptions are happening, most of us fail to comprehend their full magnitude and the second- and third-order effects that will result. Much as waves can amplify one another, these trends are gaining strength, magnitude, and influence as they interact with, coincide with, and feed upon one another.”

These McKinsey consultants claim, four global forces are breaking all the trends – but these four are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg:

  • Massive urbanization
  • Accelerating technological change
  • A rapidly aging world
  • Connectivity everywhere – trade, people, finance, technology, data

See also:

What next?

This convergence of the two revolutions is about purposively and systematically breaking down mental, physical, technological, knowledge, industry, organisational silos – and making dramatic new connections and synergies – so we create big, big, big new opportunities:

  1. Remind yourself of the five questions that kicked off this blog. These questions have already led to five active ‘$100+ million’ projects under way now.
  2. Copy the sentiment of these five questions by taking 1-2-3 elements from column one of the following table. And add one element from each of columns 2, 3 and 4. [Columns 2,3, and 4 contain the same content – just in a different order].

For example:

  • How can we create a ’big, fat, hairy, audacious goal’ opportunity by using mobile phones and the Cloud… and adding new business and funding models and different distribution channels?
    [Note: Mobiles are now globally ubiquitous, but not smartphones. Mobile- based innovations that change lives flourish when they require neither app nor smartphone. See, for example, the runaway success of the M-Pesa mobile money transfer service in Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, South Africa, India, Albania and Romania].
  • How could we use a sharing economy platform, communal mobile phones as an educational and communication media…plus collaborative innovating, to automate a wide range of food, valuable services, and other products for people who live on under $2.50 a day?
    [Almost half the world’s population, or 3 million people, live on less than $US 2.50 a day. And more than 80% of all humankind lives on less than $10 a day. In the West, we have tended to view such societies as a source of cheap labour, or the ‘objects’ of our philanthropic giving. But they actually represent the world’s largest ‘market’ by far. See micro-finance as an example].
  • How can we consolidate global digital platforms for R&D, marketing, sales, and distribution, link these with local business incubators and accelerators to create a confederation of entrepreneurs, and use crowd-funding - or Interim Coin Offerings - to seed and create 50 x $2 million new businesses based on emerging blockchain technologies?
  • How might our holistic medicine team extract new nutritional value from the $20 billion of food wasted in Australia every year?
    [5% saved = $100 million. Add 100% value to that 5% and we have $200 million].

The Innovating Cosmos road map

3rd  Revolution + 4th Revolution + 4th Revolution + 4th Revolution
Internet Artificial Intelligence Genome technologies Medicinal marijuana
World Wide Web 3D Printing New mind sciences Holograms
Tele-communications Augmented reality Blockchain New food science
Search engines Holograms Driverless cars, buses, ships, mine trucks 50-70% of service industry jobs change
Digital world New Business Models Productization of services Machine voting
On-line learning Genome technologies Smart roads Robotics
Virtual organisations New food science Small Scale entrepreneuring Distributed - apps
The Cloud New mind sciences Collaborative innovating Exponential change
Mobile phones Smart machines 50-70% of service industry jobs to change Digital-biological fabrication technologies
Sharing economy Decentralization of power and wealth? Genetic modification Medicinal marijuana
Micro-finance Blockchain Crypto-currencies 3D Printing
Crowd-funding Crypto-currencies Holograms New mind sciences
Crowd-sourcing Genome-based medicines Automation of services New Business Models
Holistic medicine Driverless cars, buses, ships, mine trucks Large-scale batteries 50-70% of service industry jobs change
Wellness Genetic modification Augmented reality Laboratory generated meat
New materials Productization of services 50-70% of service industry jobs change Collaborative innovating
Business incubators Automation of services New body parts Crypto-currencies
Collaborative innovating Medicinal marijuana Sustainable energy Genome-based medicines
Interim Public   offerings Interim Coin Offerings Laboratory generated meat BIG reduction in costs and transaction fees
Big Data Large-scale batteries Quantum Psychology Blockchain
Massive global corporations Roads that heal themselves Artificial Intelligence Intelligent cities
Global financial crises Organisational transformation Exponential change Roads that heal themselves
Rise of China, India… Smart roads Entire system transformation Nanotechnology
Global warming New body parts The Internet of Things and Everything Interim Coin Offerings
Centralization of power and wealth Collaborative innovating Whole systems redesign Large-scale batteries
Rapid change Interim Coin Offerings Businesses with soul Organisational transformation
Predatory businesses 50-70% of service industry jobs change Smart machines Augmented reality
Connectivity Sustainable energy Robotics Driverless cars, buses, ships, mine trucks
Quantum computing Laboratory generated meat Distributed - apps New body parts
Tribes Quantum Psychology New food science Genetic modification
Fast Food Exponential change Machine voting Decentralization of power and wealth?
Software and apps Businesses with soul Intelligent cities Slow Food
New drugs Small Scale entrepreneuring Whole systems redesign Entire system transformation
Predictive algorithms Entire system transformation Genome-based medicines The Internet of Things and Everything
Systems design Unprecedented global connectivity Revitalisation of communities Genome technologies
More from labour-based jobs to smart jobs The Internet of Things and Everything Organisational transformation Unprecedented global connectivity
Privacy issues Robotics New Business Models Quantum Psychology
Uneven distribution of benefits Intelligent cities Roads that heal themselves Revitalisation of communities
Squeeze on both working and middle classes Revitalisation of communities Nanotechnology Businesses with soul
Social media Slow Food Interim Coin Offerings Automation of services
Dominance of oil politics Distributed - apps Decentralization of power and wealth? Smart machines
Rise of populism, extremism and fundamentalism Digital-biological fabrication technologies BIG reduction in costs and transaction fees Sustainable energy
Global digital platforms for R&D marketing, sales, and distribution Nanotechnology Unprecedented global connectivity Productization of services
Platforms that integrate supply and demand Whole systems redesign Digital-biological fabrication technologies Smart roads
Pro-sumption Wealth redistribution 3D Printing Artificial Intelligence
Throw-away society BIG reduction in costs and transaction fees Slow Food Small Scale entrepreneuring
“Engineers, designers, and architects are combining computational design, additive manufacturing, materials engineering, and synthetic biology to pioneer a symbiosis between microorganisms, our bodies, the products we consume, and even the buildings we inhabit”- Klaus Schwab.

© Copyright, Neville Christie of Innovating Cosmos.  November 2017.  Permission to copy and use freely granted.

I’d love to hear what you create?

Yours, as were-make the world far better, collaboratively

Neville Christie

Next week: Isn’t it time you create your gazelle or unicorn? Or at least learn how to leverage, scale and ‘breed’ a big opportunity?

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