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Bang!. With this missile hitting your inbox, Innovating Cosmos launches – with a Stage One, very basic web site.
Thank you for indicating your interest in joining the community. Now things start to happen.

Innovating Cosmos is a collective filled with individuals committed to innovating co-operatively. Founded, and funded, by Neville Christie and Tim Bos, two Australian serial entrepreneurs and innovators, its guiding ethos is to turn the world’s problems into serious opportunities – that make life better for all.

The opportunity before you is unique: to become an active foundation member of Innovating Cosmos.

There’s no cost to join. And plenty of incentive. But places are linitially limited strictly to 100, and reserved for those willing to take responsibility actually to innovate – collaboratively. And to produce stunning outcomes.

Membership to Innovating Cosmos Brings You

  • Usuable content related to innovating and collaborating, in the form of blogs, articles, podcasts, and video productions.
  • An evolving portfolio of opportunities you can opt into, in addition to personal invitations that may be extended to you to gain ‘sweat equity’ in a current or future project

Social opportunity one: Set up a team to provide overnight accomodation for the street-sleepers in city parking centres that close overnight
Business opportunity one: Register with the core team your interest in being on the groundfloor of two new block-chain based opportunities with solid business models and strong backing
Source of new ideas one: check out

  • Access to models, processes, and systems that speed up and optimise your for-profit, or social-community-organisation.
  • Connect to a bank of fellow innovators with a wealth of expertise and resources to draw on.
  • Access to a network of to-market leads and channels to further your project.

Read more about the full range of membership benefits, and learn about support provided to members by the core team, on our website.

Where to from here – step by step?

To learn more about Innovating Cosmos and confirm your interest in active membership, visit our website. Take time to read the FAQ section.

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome document – glitches permitting - that outlines what to do next.

After you’ve talen the suggested action, Neville Christie, or another member of the core team will reach out, and together, you will determine how best you can initiate a new opportunity, or integrate into a current or future project.

Of course, you’re welcome to contact Neville directly at Before you do, it’s a good idea to read the The Twelve Initial Opportunity Areas, available on the website under Opportunities Galore

Please remember, that Innovating Cosmos is a collective, composed of members who each are able to proposea problem, transform it into an opportunity, and with others, make it happen!

The Innovating Cosmos Philosophy

To positively transform our cosmos - and make life better, fairer, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one nation at a time.”

More About Neville Christie and Tim Bos

Though there’s 35 years difference in their ages, five years ago, Neville and Tim formed a business partnership in order to: “directly influence 10,000 individuals collaboratively to create and grow a business with soul – and have the life and lifestyle they want.”

With Innovating Cosmos firmly in mind, Neville and Tim then:

  • Set up New Enterprise Services, as a venture bank to seed Australian innovations and get them to global markets
  • Researched 12 massive disruptive trends creating big opportunities over the next 10 years
  • Developed profiles, and selection criteria, of opportunities likely to change the world
  • Took four years to turn an idea, and $400,000 risk capital, into a platform for the sharing economy. This platform, Keaz, is currently valued at $40 million – with the potential to become a $2 billion business.

Between them, and a core team, they’ve validated that new forms of innovating collaboratively are strongly needed. That the market opportunities are huge. And that stunning outcomes are possible.

You’re now warmly invited to confirm your membership, and join Tim, Neville, and the core team. at, and get active.

Nothing happens until you confirm your membership. Do it now!

Innovating Cosmos - the global community where innovators innovate collaboratively - to change the world – and make life better, fairer, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all.

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