Ongoing resources

A number of free eBooks and papers are being prepared for release to members of Innovating Cosmos during 2017-2108. All of these you are welcome to contribute to –
by contacting

  • How to innovate collaboratively – and get stunning results
  • Innovating – How to be it, and do it, better, faster, and with greater outcomes
  • How to find and grow the underlying Purpose underlying all great lives and great innovating
  • Positive and Critical Review of Major Crowd Funding sites
  • The [First] Innovator’s Guide to the Innovating Cosmos.
  • 100 sources of funding and resourcing for innovating.
  • Three different approaches to Innovating – which one works best?
  • Basic legal documents essential for collaborative innovating

Note: Some of these will also become videos and podcasts…

If you’d like to contribute to any of these, or develop your own free publication for the community, please dialogue with Neville Christie

Welcome to Innovating Cosmos as one of 100 Foundation members

You’re an innovator, or would-be innovator. And you desire to make a positive difference to the world. And you’ve become one of just 100 initial, active Foundation Members of Innovating Cosmos – from our web site, So, now we look at your possible journey as a collaborating innovator… And suggest how you can get actively involved in the community ...
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