Many people contributed to Innovating Cosmos in the pre-launch period, before 29th September 2017. Here are a few of the individuals and organisations who have made Innovating Cosmos possible. To each and all, our big thanks!

They’re listed in first name alphabetical order.

Abhishek and Deepanshu – web developers
Abhishek and Deepanshu are web developers from Leading Edge Info Solutions located in Mohali, Punjab. They stepped in at suicidally late notice – after other web developers gave up the ghost on us.

These two guys worked day and night to get us a workable site – peopled with enough content to make sense of the community. We will continue to work with them in iterations 2, 3, 4 of the site. And we highly recommend them. You can make contact with the Leading Edge team using Or via their website:

Active Campaign – A complete email marketing, automation and sales CRM tool, great for smaller enterprises and communities. Nowhere near as well known as Mail Chimp, Get Response, or A Weber, we chose Active Campaign for Innovating Cosmos. It’s a different sort of e-mail campaigner for automating marketing,easy to learn and navigate, and has really great support. Price keen for the value

Alex Pantea – putting people together who should meet
Alex Pantea has been very important to the formation of Innovating Cosmos. And he will continue to be so. Alex has rare skills. He is a fantastic networker who constantly puts the ‘right’ people together. When Alex says you should meet this person, he is always right. Make the time and meet – and it will be mutually rewarding. So if you need to find a specific talent, cultivate Alex and pay him to find who you need. Point of contact:

Andrew Hutchinson of Alchimie – innovating large-scale projects
Andrew is an important ally of innovating Cosmos. Andrew is the founder of Alchimie – a team of ‘master project managers’. Alchimie works on some of the largest Australian and global infrastructure projects, in highly innovative ways, to get stunning outcomes – coming in on time, and below budget, as often as not. See

Antony Gaddie – strategic marketer
Antony, of Green Ant Marketing, is a vital member, colleague, ally and friend of Innovating Cosmos. Antony specialises in helping companies to grow to the next level by showing them how to build communities of CEOs, business owners, directors and other busy decision makers. He is a positive, world-embracing, human being with strong skills in forming new groups and teams around special interests and a passion for humanity. An equity player as well as a fee-charging consultant, Antony is a good man to have around for most projects. See:

BE Media Production – podcasting experts
Podcasting is now the ‘latest new thing’. But BE Media have been trail-blazing in podcast audio productions for over 35 years.

BE Media works with businesses, individuals, and other organisations, to produce high quality audio content – in different formats - which enhances marketing, communications and training.

The core team of Nick Schildberger, Heather Dawson, Peter Letts and Chris Ashmore have been invaluable to us at Innovating Cosmos at every step of us getting our podcasting channel produced and to market. Start, and stay with BE Media if you want your own podcasting channel. See:

Conan Young - innovating psychologist
Conan is one of the many young Millennials contributing actively to Innovating Cosmos. And he is a highly valued member of our Core Team. Conan is an innovating psychologist, mentor with a special interest in ADHD, writer, public speaker and broadcaster. In the future, you will hear many of Conan’s sparkling interviews on the Innovating Cosmos podcast channel.

Crazy - domain hosting plus plus
Innovating Cosmos uses Crazy Domains for most of our domains and hosting. The range of services is extraordinary – including free hosting and a web builder for 6 months – meaning you can trail a new idea – business or social - for $12.00. Their support service is 24/7 and is impeccably helpful. See:

Daniel Stoof - serial entrepreneur
Daniel is a member of the Core Team of Innovating Cosmos. A youthful entrepreneur hailing originally from New Zealand, Daniel continues to dream up, create, and make happen yet another new start-up business. It seems Daniel represents one characteristic of many of us at Innovating Cosmos – he, and we, get bored if we are not creating something, new and different, one business at a time. One way to change the world!

Dr Arthur Shelley – serial innovator
An important colleague and Foundation Member of the Innovating Cosmos community. Arthur innovates in many areas – including running a very different MBA capstone course at RMIT, creating the Organizational Zoo network, and is the initiator of Creative Melbourne. Arthur is a great guy to know. He features in three upcoming episodes on the Innovating Cosmos podcasting channel.

See: and Creative Melbourne – a Celebration of Creativity

Dr Mark Blakey – Meet Up groups
Mark Blakey is a long-term entrepreneur and business owner who built and sold a very successful software development business - where he developed and marketed a range of different products. Since then Mark has acted as an advisor to other businesses. And now he works to crack the ‘codes’ behind share market investing and trading and runs a Meet Up Group around this.

Mark showed us at Innovating Cosmos how important Meet Up groups can be in creating communities of shared interest. See:

Dynamic Visuals Australia - Melbourne's first 8K production house
Dynamic Visuals Australia is a great example of three young digital natives – meeting and striking out while still at school - and now creating highly innovative and dynamic videos and films. The first video game-inspired films of Kieren, Louis and Walter, grew their channel to 30,000 subscribers and over 12 million video views whilst they were still at high-school.

The three friends have produced very different videos for Innovating Cosmos, and will continue to do so. Since they started as a full production house in November 2016, with 8K capacity, they have rapidly gained a growing list of organisational clients and music artists – basically because their work is of such high quality – both technically and creatively.

As you might expect, you’ll find them on every social media; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google

We heartily recommend this dynamic trio, and we will tell more of their intriguing story in an e-book members will receive before Christmas: How to innovate collaboratively – and get stunning results. See their website:

Dynamic Visuals Australia | Melbourne's first 8K production house.

Visit Our Website
E-mail Us
Call Us: 0488 048 055 (Olivia) – a great source of outsourcing talent.
At Innovating Cosmos we have relied heavily on the contractors from all around the world sourced through – and we will continue to do so for many of our projects.

We have used them, for example, to design our logos and headers, set up our video channel, develop our two puppet videos and our two cartoon videos, write copy, search out promotional emails….

In the early days of Fiverr, all services were $5 US – hence the name. Now the business model has morphed, and prices vary – often with three different price points. Always a great place to go when you want clearly defined tangible outputs. Their feedback system is excellent and it is easy to get your deposit back where work done is not up to standard. Which is rarely. Strongly recommended. See:

Johanna Blakey – life partner
Johanna is Neville’s partner and despite her chronic and debilitating ill health, Johanna’s will to live, her dynamic hold on life, her ability to overcome, her unfailingly positive outlook, and her ability to provide support, are all of the highest calibre. Everyone who meets Johanna finds her an inspiration. Me too, says Neville.

Justin Brown – Founder of
Justin’s web site, is an allied site of Innovating Cosmos – and we’re glad to encourage our members to visit it often. Ideapod’s a place to share your ideas in 1,000 characters or less, or in a 40 second video. And to get them ‘out there’.Also a source of new ideas for the community to develop. With any post, if we include the hash tag, #innovatingcosmos, all the ideas of our community will be kept together. You’ll hear more from Ideapod in the coming months.

Lynn Wood – idea generator and diffuser
At innovating Cosmos we see the innovating task is not just about creating the new and different but acting to get the new ideas, technologies and transformers diffused for the good of all. Lynn is a small dynamo, doing her part to get new ideas out to the world so they can be used. We recommend you visit her site for interesting ideas. And to make your own contributions. See:

Michael Roux – innovation ambassador
Michael is one of Australia’s most senior business leaders and ambassadors. He is a world citizen - with a bio that reads like the entire United Nations rolled up into one. As a man with a strong social awareness, Michael has always encouraged, facilitated and initiated innovating in every human domain – social, economic, technological, financial, political cultural.

Michael supported the idea of Innovating Cosmos long before it launched. And we thank him hugely for that. See:

New Enterprise Services Pty Ltd – getting Australian innovations to the world
New Enterprise Services has both seeded Innovating Cosmos and is an important stepping stone on the path to Neville Christie and Tim Bos conceiving and launching Innovating Cosmos. Five years ago, NES set out to get Australian technology and IP launched on the world stage. And to prove that collaborative innovating can be done, and achieve stunning results.

This has been achieved – using three different innovating models we’re happy to share. And by building Keaz, as a platform for the sharing economy – now valued at $40 million four years after startup.

Because NES believes blockchain technology will become as important as the Internet over the next years, the NES team is now working on two blockchain projects – with potential for the involvement of other Innovating Cosmos members. See:

Phoenix Arrien – transforming lives and behaviour
Phoenix Arrien is a lady whose career has had a broad, deep and zig-zag path - leading her finally to be a special type of innovator-healer – one who is highly skilled in unblocking issues preventing an individual’s growth, transforming and energizing what they are on about, and setting them on a path of new and better action.

Phoenix played a very special part in clearing old stuff for both Neville Christie and Conan Young – making Innovating Cosmos possible. As such Phoenix is a special ‘birth mother’ of Innovating Cosmos. Our grateful thanks.

Some of Phoenix’s innovations include: managing the ground-breaking ‘Body-wise’ program at the Western Region Centre Against Sexual Assault, using meditation to assist recovery for survivors of Yarra Valley’s 2009 bushfires, and working with corporate, community and youth at risk, in wilderness areas using nature, challenges and recreation as a medium for change.

Phoenix and her colleague Mike Lowe have founded Innate Wisdom Connection, a powerful platform dedicated to transformation and healing nationally and internationally.

You will hear more of Phoenix’s story in the pre-Christmas e-book: How to innovate collaboratively – and get stunning results.


Roger La Salle – life long innovator
Roger is an Australian citizen and globe trotter who has thankfully supported the idea of Innovating Cosmos long before our launch. Roger is a life-long innovator who has produced a wide range of patented products and got them to market.

He’s written books around innovating. And he lectures, speaks, trains, consults on innovating around the world. He also has produced a proprietary system of Matrix Thinking - which has been licensed around he world - and which we make available to members later in 2017.

IN the months to come, you’ll hear Roger on our podcasting channel. And he features in How to innovate collaboratively – and get stunning results.

Thank you Roger for your strong, and ongoing support, See:

Stephen Roux – a Renaissance man
Stephen Roux is another modern Renaissance man with many diverse and different parts, interests and activities. His central life theme suits Innovating Cosmos ideally – in that he is an intuitive problem-solver who transforms problems into opportunities for human betterment.

Stephen reached out immediately to support the creation of Innovating Cosmos from the first day we floated it on LinkedIn. And we owe him a big, big thanks. So THANKS Stephen.

Stephen says, “I enjoy problem solving. Problem solving is at the heart of human interaction every day. Most of it is solved at the intuitive, behavioral or auto-physiological response level. If there is one talent to foster and skill to hone, it is being mindful of challenges and how they are being solved. Being practiced at identifying problems is as important as learning to solve them or knowing who might be able to help.” See:

Tim Adalin – seeker after, and exponent of, transcendental experiences
Tim Adalin has become a strong friend and supporter of Innovating Cosmos and especially of Neville. Extremely bright, with high levels of insight and verbal dexterity, plus strong writing and interviewing skills, Tim commits extraordinary dedication to discovering, experiencing and dialoguing about experiences that change human behaviour fundamentally,

One vehicle of Tim’s is where Tim dialogues with numerous individuals about their paths to ‘enlightenment’ – both through drugs and without. He’s insightful, philosophical, and worth taking an hour or two to listen to. See

In Tim’s words, “voiceclub brings you conversations that bite their way through meaning, for those interested in life, exploration, and ideas built for storms.”See

And you might like listen to this particular ‘transforming conversation’.

People we’d love to be able to thank

As more people get involved in Innovating Cosmos as it grows, we’ll have far more to thank. We know some already:

  • A team who promotes our podcasting channel – and gets us ‘a million’ subscriber/listeners
  • Specialists who work with us on two BlockChain projects
  • Team faciliators who the 10 first projects up and away
  • Murali Maheswaran