Welcome to Innovating Cosmos as one of 100 Foundation members

You’re an innovator, or would-be innovator. And you desire to make a positive difference to the world. And you’ve become one of just 100 initial, active Foundation Members of Innovating Cosmos – from our web site, www.inovatingcosmos.com.

So, now we look at your possible journey as a collaborating innovator… And suggest how you can get actively involved in the community self-managing innovators and would-be innovators – who commit to change the world – one day, one project at a time - by innovating differently and collaboratively.

Innovating Cosmos started five years ago with a Core Team who’ve spent the last five years testing, trailing, and validating:

  • that the need is enormous, and growing, for a different style of innovating. That is, for people-focussed, societal-focussed, and organisational-focussed innovating that spreads the benefits of new science, new knowledge, new technology more widely and globally – for the good of all
  • that innovating collaboratively requires different processes and approaches to ‘normal’ product and technological innovating
  • that small teams of committed individuals can collaborate to innovate, for the greater good of all
  • that stunning outcomes are possible.

The immediate challenge?

Following our launch on 29th September, 2017, the immediate challenge for the next 18 months is to activate the community of 100 members, to form at least 10 teams working on ten world-changing opportunities, and to get at least one stunning outcome. Then we can build from there.

Who's on board?

To begin with, we anticipate membership will be fluid. Some members will leave, and a handful of new members will join. But for a time, Foundation Membership will be held at 100, with most members actively innovating in self-forming and self-managing teams initiated by one member – maybe you!

The majority of these 100 Foundation Members of Innovating Cosmos are individuals. Some are CEO-Founders of highly innovative companies and not-for-profits.

Members are practical, committed, hands-on change agents, entrepreneurs and innovators – drawn not just from business, but from every area of human endeavour - who are prepared to opportunize the world’s big issues – either for profit, or as a social good, or both.

What are we aiming at?

As individuals, opportunity-creating teams, and a community, the motivating vision of Innovating Cosmos is: to positively transform our cosmos - and make life better, fairer, more sustainable, ‘richer’ for all: “one idea, one person, one problem, one opportunity, one project, one technology, one innovation, one organisation, one institution, one community, one nation at a time.”

Relevance of our name

Innovating is an action word – meaning - bringing into existence new ideas, systems, strategies, business models, processes, software, smart machines, technologies, products, new ways of learning, thinking, acting, being and having, etc, etc – that have positive impact.

Importantly, ‘Cosmos’ means both ‘the universe seen as a well-ordered whole’… and ‘any coherent system of thought’. At Innovating Cosmos we know that as we change our thinking – from: ‘It can’t be done’ – to: ‘we can do it!’ - we change our entire world.

What’s the cost of membership?

Your membership to Innovating Cosmo is free but entails three obligations:

  1. you actually innovate collaboratively, with others
  2. you share equity in each opportunity you’re involved in, fairly, and equitably based on results you all actually achieve, and
  3. you, and other project members, only receive pre-agreed payments from cash flows generated by and from each individual project. [With social change projects you gain many ‘rewards’ but possibly no ‘payments’].

What do you gain?

As a member of Innovating Cosmos, you contribute and gain benefit from four different types of innovating projects:

  1. Opportunities created by others – where, by invitation, you gain equity.
  2. Opportunities you create but want to keep close – here you can call on the Core Team and Innovating Cosmos Foundation members, for resources and support.
  3. Opportunities you've dreamt up, and would like other members of Innovating Cosmos to assist you with. Aided by the Core Team, you create a team of your choosing from the Community, and your own network, and you all progressively share equity as you make the potential actual.
  4. Opportunities you've thought of, but because you want to make the world better, you are happy to 'give away' - so other members might work on them, without your involvement.

Support from the Core Team

As called on by you, the Innovating Cosmos Core Team canwork with you to:

  • Create the needed ecology for the opportunity.
  • Develop the idea into an opportunity, a project, and a tangible piece of intellectual property or ‘invention’.
  • Gather the resources, talent, structure, models, support required to innovate.
  • Make it fun. "Innovating works better and takes less time when it is imaginative, fun, and built on play."
  • Work with you to make sure that each innovation actually happens.
  • Commercialise the innovation into a social or profit ‘market’ – where that market can include the transforming of just one organisation or institution.

Resources you gain access to

Week by week, via the Innovating Cosmos web site, blog, podcasting channel, YouTube channel, and special events, as a member you can access on demand:

  • A growing portfolio of opportunities you can opt into.
  • A range of models, processes, systems to speed up, and make either your ‘for-profit’ or your social-community-organisational innovating more effective and more rewarding.
  • A bank of fellow talented innovators, expertise, and resources - including finance – you need.
  • Leads to markets that are ready to test, and then use, your innovations.

How did it all start?

Innovating Cosmos is the original brain child of two life-long Australian innovators – Neville Christie and Tim Bos.

Five years ago, they first formed a business partnership in order to: “directly influence 10,000 individuals to create a grow a business with soul – and to have the life and life-style they want.”

With Innovating Cosmos firmly in mind, Neville and Tim have:

      • Set up New Enterprise Services as a venture bank to seed Australian innovations and get them to global markets.
      • Researched 12 massive disruptive trends creating big opportunities over the next 10 years.
      • Developed profiles, and selection criteria, of opportunities likely to change the world.
      • Trialed and proved up 3 different ways to innovate collaboratively.
      • Taken four years to turn an idea, and $400,000 risk capital, into a platform for the sharing economy – currently valued at $40 million – and with potential to be a $2 billion business.

Now they’ve launched Innovating Cosmos!

Suggested Action for you:

      1. Consider the twelve opportunity areas you find in Opportunities Galore
      2. Decide one big area you like to have a positive impact on – working with others
      3. Draw up a few key parameters of the problem as you see it
      4. Look at the ways the problem could be become an opportunity to make life better for some or all
      5. List the talent and resources you need to work with you
      6. Do a 2-3 page summary in Word or pdf and send it to coreteam@innovatingcosmos.com - indicating you’d like input in how to action this opportunity
      7. Neville Christie, or one of the other members of the core team will contact you.

It’s time for you to get active as a member. You’re warmly invited to! Should be an exciting journey!

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